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FAQs – Eligibility requirements

1. What qualifications do I need?

This depends on the apprenticeship you are applying for. Please review the vacancies in your location to confirm the exact requirements, however for most of our apprenticeships you will need 4 GCSE's Grade C or above as a minimum and this must include English Language and Maths.

New grading structure Current grading structure
4 - 9 C - A*
3 - U D - U

2. What are the equivalent grades to GCSEs A*-C in the new grading structure?

Grades 4 to 9 are equivalent grades to GCSE A*- C. We won’t accept Grades 3-U within the new grading structure.

3. Why do you only accept qualifications at grade C or above?

You need to be educated to that level to be able to complete the Technical Certificate and NVQ elements of the scheme.

4. Do you accept Scottish qualifications?

Yes we do accept equivalent Scottish qualifications, the table below gives an indication of the mapping to GSCE and A Level qualifications.

Qualification Accepted Yes/No Equivalent to GCSE grade equivalent
Scottish Intermediate 1 No GCSE D-G
Scottish Intermediate 2 Yes GCSE A-C
General Standard Grades No GCSE D-G
Central Standard Grade Yes GCSE A-C
Scottish National Qualifications 1-4 No GCSE D-G
Scottish National Qualification 5 Yes GCSE A-C
Scottish Vocational Qualifications Level 1 No GCSE D-G
Scottish Vocational Qualifications Level 2 Yes GCSE  A-C
Scottish Vocational Qualifications Level 3 Yes A Levels  
Scottish Higher Yes A Levels  

5. Do you accept functional skills in literacy and numeracy as an equivalent to GCSEs in English Language and Maths?

We accept level 2 functional skills as they are equivalent to a GCSE C. Level 1 in functional skill is equivalent to a GCSE D so we do not accept that as an equivalent qualification.

6. Do you accept equivalent qualifications to GCSEs and A levels and qualifications attained outside the UK?

You will need to prove that your qualifications are the equivalent to GCSE and A level qualifications. There are a number of companies who will provide a letter of comparability e.g. NARIC. The NARIC website can be found at www.NARIC.org.uk. Please note companies will make a charge for this service.

7. I only have a provisional statement of results for my GCSEs/A levels that I have already completed, is this OK?

Unfortunately not, we can only accept the original certificates or a certified statement of results. Please check the certificates carefully. If you do not have the original certificates you will need to go the examining board to get copies. Please note each examining board will charge you for this service.

8. I am currently completing my GCSE or A level exams and only have a statement of results or predicted grades, can I still apply?

Yes, although any offers of employment will be conditional and we will only be able offer an unconditional contract once exams have been completed and results have been received.

9. What apprenticeships require a driving licence?

Our field engineering and facilities management roles require a driving licence when you apply for the role and our vehicle technicians roles require you to achieve a full manual driving licence within 12 months of starting the apprenticeship.

10. I am a current BT employee - can I still apply?

Yes, but your terms of employment and salary will change.

11. I am a contractor/agency person with BT - can I still apply?

Yes. As you are not directly employed by BT you can apply as normal.

12. Can I apply if I only have a student visa or limited right to remain in the UK?

You must have legal right to work in the UK as our apprentice roles are not ones we can sponsor.

13. Are there any age restrictions?

Only that you need to be of at least minimum school leaving age when you start your apprenticeship.